ASLEF calls for early warning system for line obstructions

13 July 2005

Train drivers" leader Keith Norman today welcomed the recommendations of the Rail Safety and Standards Board into the Ufton Nervet level crossing crash last year in which train driver Stan Martin and five passengers died and 71 were injured.

"We particularly welcome the proposal that the RSSB and Network Rail research detection methods that provide a timely warning to train drivers of a level crossing obstruction," said Keith Norman.

"This research must be undertaken with real sense of urgency" said Keith Norman. 

"The technology to scope the track and provide high quality images to the driver that enable early steps to stop a train already exist and are in operation on the Hong Kong railway system. They were developed and are manufactured in South Wales.

"The issue is not how practical such systems are but rather, is there the political will to install it."

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