Labour the party for progress

18 February 2019

Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF’s organiser in Scotland, has spoken out after the news that Chuka Umunna and six other MPs will sit as independents.


‘I regret the fact that seven MPs announced this morning that they have decided they no longer wish to represent their constituencies in Parliament as Labour MPs, particularly as they were elected on a Labour ticket at the last election – an election that inspired millions of people to vote Labour and saw the party increase its vote by the largest share since the landslide of 1945.


‘The Labour Party’s membership has grown enormously under Jeremy Corbyn and, here in Scotland, under Richard Leonard, and the Labour Party’s genuinely socialist manifesto was incredibly popular at the last election.


‘The policies of the Labour Party offer us the hope of real change that people in Britain want. That’s why we believe now is the time for all Labour MPs to unite behind the leadership to win the next election, restore the savage cuts of the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition from 2010 to 2015, and the Tories governing on their own since then, that have wreaked havoc in our country, and bring about the type of society that people in this country want and need and are calling for.


‘The truth is that the Labour Party is, as it has been since it was founded by the trade unions to represent ordinary hard-working people in Parliament more than 100 years ago, and as it always will be, the greatest force for progress in this country.’

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