Unions Thursday evening vigil for London United Against Terror

13 July 2005

ASLEF is calling on it members to support the trade union vigil at 1800 in Trafalgar Square this coming Thursday – 14 July – one week after the bomb attacks on the capital.

The unions will be joined by the Greater London Authority and religious groups as they express sympathy for victims, defiance to the terrorists and thanks to the emergency services. 

‘It is also an opportunity for us all to declare our pride in London as city of diverse colours, creeds and cultures,’ says union General Secretary Keith Norman. 

Backing the event, London Mayor Ken Livingstone calls for massive support for three initiatives taking place on Thursday. 

‘At noon millions of Londoners will observe two minutes of silence. Every bus in the city will stop, businesses will stop and I want everyone who can to come out of their workplaces and homes onto the streets of London to remember those who died and to show their complete defiance of the terrorists.

‘At 1pm books of condolences will be opened in Trafalgar Square for all Londoners and visitors to the city to sign throughout the day.

‘At 6pm Londoners are invited to a vigil in Trafalgar Square to remember those who died, to show that London will not be moved from our city"s goal of building an open, tolerant, multi-racial and multi-cultural society showing the world its future and to thank the heroes of the transport and emergency services who saved so many lives last Thursday.’

The vigil is organised by the GLA, the TUC and representatives of London"s different faiths and communities. It will involve readings and poems by prominent Londoners, different communities and some of those from the transport and emergency services.

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