ASLEF London Underground drivers asked to assist with stranded train - Union urges comprehensive security review

06 July 2005

Train driver’s union ASLEF said today that London Underground were right to close the capital’s tube system in light of today’s explosions in the city.

‘Our members are now being asked to report to their own, or a local, station in order to assist with stranded trains. I am sure our members will cooperate as far as they are able,’ Keith said, as the underground system is searched for any other packages or suspect items. 

‘It is a terrible reversal of the atmosphere yesterday when we saw the news spinners at work portraying an efficient and modern city ready for the Olympics. We have been reminded that we have a lot to do before that vision is a reality. 

‘We need to gather the wisdom of all sections of the population to reclaim our peaceful and secure city.’

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