Who Cares? Campaign - Lobby of Parliament

06 July 2005

Further to Head Office Circular 192/2005, ASLEF’s campaign to bring more freight onto the railways and from the UK’s over crowded and congested road network will be launched at a Lobby of Parliament on the 13th of July.

ASLEF have already received support for the Who Cares? campaign from various different organisations from those within the freight industry to environmental groups and ordinary members of the public who all believe that it is more cost effective for us as a society to carry more freight on the UK rail network.

On the 13th July 2005 ASLEF will be lobbying parliament on the above issue. Members should write to their MP’s asking the MP’s to meet with them in Committee Room 14 at 13:00hrs where members will be addressed by Alan Simpson MP Rt Hon Robin Cook MP and General Secretary Keith Norman. ASLEF members should meet on the green opposite the House of Commons between 12:00 and 12:45. Please bring your branch banners and regalia to show your full support of this campaign. It is vitally important that members write to their MP and attend this lobby 

It is essential that the case for rail freight is understood by MPs and the Government. Increases in the level of freight moved by the railways will help to ensure that not only are jobs protected in the rail freight industry, but they are also created. ASLEF has the full support of other transport unions in ensuring that an integrated transport policy makes the full use of rail freight.

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