Richard Burgon opens ASLEF AAD 2019

13 May 2019

Richard Burgon, MP for Leeds East and Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, opened our annual assembly of delegates this morning with a rousing speech and a warm welcome to Leeds.

Richard shared his strong support for a fully nationalised railway, bringing track and train together, with the workforce at its centre.


ASLEF members and others working on the railway are well aware of the catastrophic bad decisions that have been made under Chris Grayling's leadership as Secretary of State for Transport. As Shadow Justice Secretary, Richard reminded us that before he made a mess of the railways, Grayling made a mess of probation, resulting in a rise in reoffending and fragmentation of the industry.

Richard shared with delegates Labour's plans to ensure that access to justice becomes a key pillar of the welfare state, alongside health and education, along with using the resources of the state to make sure that people know about the rights they have an how to enforce them.


Labour's vision is for a transformative government, a new ministry for labour, and a commitment to government for the many, not the few, received a warm welcome from delegates, as did the praise for ASLEF's work playing a part in tackling the rise of the far right.


Leeds branch offered the vote of thanks, after which general secretary Mick Whelan presented Richard with a gift on behalf of AAD.


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