Tory transport policy

01 July 2005

Train drivers leader Keith Norman today criticised the Conservative Party transport policy as "frivolous".

"A perfunctory two paragraphs is all the Tories have to say after a decade in which the rail network has disintegrated under a privatisation policy that the last Tory government hastily hoisted on the British people," he commented.

"For the Conservatives to confine themselves to a pledge to avoid "further costly and inefficient reorganisation" of the railways shows a frivolous disregard for the needs of the British people and the economy of our country.

"The Tories want to extend the franchises of private train and freight operating companies. But the public want rail back in public ownership. The most cost-efficient way to do this is to recover ownership when franchises end."

"According to the CBI 94% of British businesses want political parties to put transport at the top of their priority lists. And both the Labour Party and the TUC conferences have come out in favour of bringing rail back into public ownership."

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