On Track With Diversity 2019

03 June 2019

ASLEF is committed to equality and diversity in the railway industry. We believe that ‘a train driver is a train driver is a train driver’ – regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or race. But, as a trade union, we can only recruit, as members, those who have been selected, and trained, to work as drivers by the train and freight operating companies.

Our new report, On Track With Diversity, to be published on Monday 17 June, will reveal that, in 2019, only 6.5% of train drivers in England, Scotland and Wales are women; just 8% are from an ethnic minority; and only 15% are under 35. These percentage figures do not represent the communities we serve because 51% of the people in this country are female; 20% in the last census identified as ethnic minority; and 23% are aged 18 to 35.

There is, though, light at the end of the tunnel. Especially if the recommendations at the end of this report are implemented by those of us who work in the rail industry. Because train driver is already the job with the smallest gap in wages between men and women of any occupation in the United Kingdom.

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