Tories challenged by Keith Norman

01 July 2005

Train drivers" leader Keith Norman today challenged the Conservative Party to come clean on railway public ownership.

Tory policy wonk David Willetts has said he would not defend the way the last Conservative government carried out the railway privatisation. And Willets told the Daily Telegraph that creating a new system for the railways was a priority for the Conservative policy review preparing the party"s manifesto for the next election.

According to Willets re-nationalisation, or re-integrating the trains with the track, have not been ruled out, said Keith Norman.

So what is Tory policy? Keith Norman asked.

"A couple of perfunctory paragraphs is all the Tories have to say. They pledge to avoid "further costly and inefficient reorganisation" of the railways and want to extend rail franchises for longer periods.

Have they ruled out renationalising the railways and reintegrating trains with track?

We want to know whether Willets is playing kiss-me-quick or whether the Tories have really learnt the lesson that railway privatisation is a failed policy."

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