Grayling’s delayed departure welcomed, but ASLEF will put the celebrations on hold for now

25 July 2019

Three years after becoming Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling has finally departed. About three years too late.


Mick Whelan, General Secretary of ASLEF,  the train drivers' union, commented, "Chris Grayling won't just go down as one of the worst transport secretaries of all time, but one of the worst Secretaries of State to hold any office.


"Despite failure after failure at huge cost to the taxpayer, he somehow remained in post. It shows the contempt in which the Tory party holds our industry, and those who rely on it."


Mick added, "Grayling kept dialogue with the unions to a minimum but mismanagement of our railway to a maximum. But we'll keep the celebrations on hold until we see Andy McDonald as our Secretary of State for Transport under a Labour government. Then we can end decades of failing privatisation and have the publicly-owned network, working in the interests of passengers, that the country is crying out for."

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