AMICUS/GMB William Cook dispute ends

01 July 2005

Former ASLEF EC President Bill Ronksley has, in his role as Secretary of Sheffield Trades Council, written to strikers at steel company William Cook to congratulate them on their courage and persistence as the four-year old dispute came to a conclusion.

William Cook’s sacked members of AMICUS and the GMB for taking a single day’s strike in April 2001 to oppose a massive cut in wages. At one time 120 workers were locked out.

Eddy Grimes, the senior steward at Cooks, addressed last year’s ASLEF AAD to give an update on the dispute and, as on previous occasions, the delegates held a collection which was matched by an EC donation. 

Last year the William Cook workers won a tribunal against the employer against which the employer appealed. The courts then appointed an independent mediator to seek a financial settlement between the two sides. 

Now the 13 remaining strikers have accepted a deal worked out on the eve of a Court of Appeal hearing. The terms must remain confidential, but while they have not got their jobs back, the strikers are said to be pleased with the outcome and have thanked ASLEF for its practical support.

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