Trauma support in Croatia

11 September 2019

John Metcalfe, Executive Committee member for District 3, Deborah Reay, Chair of the Women's Representative Committee and Assistant General Secretary Simon Weller travelled to Croatia in August to attend the annual conference of the Croatian Train Drivers' Union, Sindikat Strojovođa Hrvatske.


The very eye-opening delegation to Croatia was a chance to meet with our sister union in Zagreb to discuss issues of trauma suffered by train drivers. In the UK we've developed lots of processes and professional help for drivers involved in fatalities.


Their EU sponsored conference gave us the opportunity to share with them best practice 'Chain of Care' policies and the work of the excellent Trauma Support Group from the underground, and hopefully they'll be able to pick up on our suggestions.


Croatia's drivers' union is a mere 30 years old and have a long way to go to develop the types of driver support procedures that we accept as the norm, when a driver has a traumatic incident.


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