Supporting the Global Climate Strike

20 September 2019

ASLEF is standing in solidarity today with the young people striking across the world to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

Campaigners are demanding governments globally acknowledge the climate emergency, and immediately put into place measures to reduce carbon emissions and damage to the environment.


ASLEF believes that increasing the use of the railway for both passenger and freight transport, along with a full programme of electrification to make the railway more sustainable, should be a vital part of the path towards halting climate change.

At TUC Congress we joined other trade unions to call for trade unionists to support the climate strike and moved a motion calling for investment in a clean, fully integrated, green transport system.


Watch ASLEF delegate Mark Prenter join calls for solidarity with the climate strike.


We continue to campaign for full electrification of the railway network and for promotion and support of rail freight.


At Labour Party Conference next week we will again join calls for a new industrial strategy, with trade unionists and workers at its heart, and a just transition to a green economy.


Read more about the TUC's proposal for a just transition here.


Find out more about the global climate strike here.

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