MSPs should do the right thing for the people of Scotland

01 October 2019

ASLEF, the train drivers’ union, has called on Members of the Scottish Parliament to back a motion to bring ScotRail back into public ownership.


Kevin Lindsay, the union’s organiser in Scotland, said: ‘We are urging every MSP to do the right thing on Wednesday for the people of Scotland and bring our railway back into public ownership. Because it’s clear to everyone – to businesses as well as passengers and all those of us who work in the industry – that privatisation has failed the people of this country.


‘Criticism of ScotRail has come from all quarters and it is clear that the company is coming up short on what it delivers – or, rather, fails to deliver – for Scotland. The performance of Abellio has been truly terrible. The company has failed to recruit enough drivers, is continually skipping stations, doesn’t have enough stock, has used HSTs that have not been refurbished, and has a history of poor industrial relations. But we don’t want to replace one failing private train operator with another because the franchise model is a broken model.


‘It was the Tories who privatised our railways. But anyone who believes in a modern, progressive vision for Scotland – whether they are Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green or SNP – should vote for a motion that will offer real value for money to every Scottish taxpayer. It’s time to stand up for Scotland and run our railway as a public service, not for private profit.’

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