Union seeks Government intervention in Freight Campaign

01 July 2005

ASLEF has written to ministers at the departments of transport and the environment to seek support for its ‘Who Cares?’ campaign which is aimed at maximising the use of rail for freight transport.

The union has stressed to Margaret Beckett at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and to Alistair Darling at the Department for Transport that government and ASLEF objectives are very similar.

Acting General Secretary Keith Norman says a successful outcome for the campaign would achieve three major targets:


To reduce CO2 emissions and other pollutants in line with the government’s commitments to the Kyoto protocols



To radically reduce heavy traffic on our major roads, thus cutting down on congestion with a solution largely favoured by major haulage companies



To achieve these goals without affecting public life-styles.

We have asked the ministers to indicate a general attitude towards our objectives that we can use in campaign material and with discussions with Network Rail and freight companies. 

We will report the responses from the ministers when we receive them.

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