Early Day Motions

01 July 2005

Listed below are three recent Early Day Motions that have been tabled in the House of Commons.

Members can fax there MP by going to www.faxyourmp.com/ directly and ask them to sign up to these Early Day Motions


EDM 395 

Efford, Clive 
That this House remains deeply concerned that, despite public subsidy being more than three times the amount received by British Rail, passengers continue to endure far worse punctuality rates than under public ownership; welcomes the improvement in reliability and punctuality of South Eastern Train services since the decision of the Strategic Rail Authority in November 2003 to return the service to public ownership; notes the report by the Catalyst think-tank that public ownership of the railway would save a minimum of £500 million a year; is further deeply concerned that the Government intends to re-privatise South Eastern Trains; regrets that South Eastern Trains was not allowed to tender for this franchise, removing any public sector comparator; and therefore calls upon the Government to allow South Eastern Trains to submit a public sector bid to ensure improvement and value for money on the United Kingdom"s rail network.

EDM 352 

Wareing, Robert N 
That this House welcomes the significant reductions in delays attributable to infrastructure failure and improved efficiency since Network Rail brought maintenance back in-house on a not-for-dividend basis; is concerned that this progress will be undermined by proposals to break up Network Rail by transferring sections of its infrastructure and operations to Merseyrail and that these assets will then be sub-let to the private sector; is further concerned that this proposal could be a prelude to transferring all signalling operations and maintenance work back to the private sector; and therefore urges the Government to retain Network Rail as a unified and not-for-dividend organisation.

EDM 351 

Stringer, Graham 
That this House notes that under the terms of the Railways Act 2005 the Government will assume responsibility for the Strategic Rail Authority"s review of service and fare levels on the Northern Rail franchise; is concerned at previous press reports that the review could lead to higher fares, replacing off-peak rail services with buses, line closures and job losses; and therefore urges the Government to use its powers under the Railways Bill to oppose any line or station closures, job cuts and substitution of rail services with buses on Northern Rail services.

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