ASLEF Bulletin 1 - Coronavirus Pandemic

22 March 2020

Bulletin 1. March 2020


ASLEF Bulletin

The following emergency measures have been adopted by your Executive Committee to enable ASLEF to function with minimum risk to our members during the COVID-19 outbreak. Until further notice they temporarily supersede existing ASLEF rules or any standing orders adopted locally.



All regular branch meetings are suspended until further notice. Any urgent branch business will be conducted by the Branch Committee in line with Rule 10.1.(a). Ideally this should be done via virtual format (if possible).

10.1. Branch Committee

(a) The Committee shall at all times be under the control of the Executive Committee and have full power to superintend and conduct the business of its branch according to these Rules, and shall in all things act for and in the name of its branch, and all acts and orders under the powers delegated to them shall have the like force and effect as the acts and orders of its branch at any branch meeting.

All Branch committees will be deemed to be quorate if at least 5 members of the committee are present regardless of existing standing orders.


Applications for Membership

Until normal branch meetings are reinstated all applications for membership will be dealt with via the Branch Committee. Any applicant accepted into membership will be deemed to be a member from the of acceptance by the Branch Committee and will be entitled to benefits of membership accordingly.


Representing Members

Meetings with management of a non-urgent nature should be postponed or cancelled. Other essential meetings should be carried out by alternative means (Skype, Zoom and other conferencing software) where appropriate.

Discipline, IGP, CDP or equivalent meetings must not be conducted virtually.


ASLEF Election Processes

All normal ASLEF election processes at a local, regional, district or national level are to be suspended and will recommence at the appropriate stage as determined by the Executive Committee.

Where there is an incumbent at any level they shall remain in place until the relevant election process is concluded (if possible).



Any vacancies should be filled on the following basis;

  1. Branch Committee and Health and Safety representative positions and other branch representative positions as detailed in Rule 10.

    Vacancies for these positions shall be filled by the Branch committee on a temporary basis until normal elections procedures are able to be reinstated and completed.

  2. All machinery representatives including local level representatives, Company Council representatives or their equivalent.

    Casual vacancies arising for any reason will be filled via co-option in agreement with the Lead Officer for the company concerned.

  3. All other ASLEF positions

    Vacancies for these positions shall be filled by the Executive Committee on a temporary basis until normal elections procedures are able to be reinstated and completed.

Company Machinery Election Processes

1. Nominations for Local Level Representatives and Company Council positions (or their equivalent) where these are to be conducted and where the election processes are being carried out by the relevant employer will be dealt with by the Branch Committee.

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