Short future predicted for rail staff group

30 June 2005

A breakaway group of dozen or so disaffected rail workers will announce its ‘launch’ tomorrow as the Train Crew Union. Aslef is predicting a speedy sinking.

Aslef National Organiser Andy Reed said he was massively disappointed that anyone had been enticed into a grouping that clearly rejected any form of democracy. 

“Over the last twelve months we have had problems with a handful of members who refuse to accept democratic decisions and trade union principles. Some of these have been expelled from the union. 

“Rather than reconsider their attitudes, they have set off on the hopeless task of taking over our union’s membership. They will not be successful because Aslef is made up of members who are decent, responsible and practical. 

“I’m frankly surprised that their somewhat pathetic efforts have attracted any media coverage at all.”

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