New Labour Party leader

04 April 2020

Mick Whelan, general secretary, has welcomed the news that Keir Starmer has been elected Leader of the Labour Party and Angela Rayner has been elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. 

'Keir and deputy leader, Angela Rayner, are ready to rebuild Labour as an electoral force in Britain. They have the ideals, the vision, the organisational expertise, and the determination to deliver for all the people of this country.


'The result of the general election in December was a low point for the party but Keir and Angela understand what needs to be done to win back the hearts, the minds, and, yes, the votes of those who turned their backs on Labour.


'These are difficult times, but while we have all come together to work through this coronavirus crisis, with the fewest number of victims, it is vitally important that the government is held to account for the decisions it makes. Particularly when the number of people being tested for covid-19 is far lower than it should be, when it is clear that we were not properly prepared for this pandemic, and when those on the frontline in the NHS have to play catch-upevery day without the proper equipment.


'I know that Keir, Angela, and Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth will hold the government's toes to the fire to ensure the government makes the right decisions in the best interests of everyone in this country.


'After that, we look forward to helping Keir and Angela rebuild the party ready for the next election, in 2024, or whenever it comes, to return the Labour government this country so desperately needs.


'And we look forward to playing our part in preparing proposals, with Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald, not just for the railway, but for an integrated transport system in this country, and to help rebuild Britain’s battered economy.'


Mick added: 'I am sure Keir will invite both Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy to play a big part in his new shadow cabinet. As they proved during the leadership debates, Rebecca and Lisa both have a lot to offer the party, and our country. Together, and united, the future looks bright for Labour.'


ASLEF was the first trade union to back Sir Keir when he stood to become the Labour candidate for Holborn & St Pancras in 2015. And ASLEF endorsed Angela when she ran for deputy leader. 

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