ASLEF in action: ScotRail

13 May 2020

Michael Matheson MSP, Transport Secretary, announced today that ScotRail services will not be increasing from 18 May. This decision – which we welcome – will come as a great relief to passengers and rail staff alike. And is the result of lobbying by ASLEF, the train drivers' trade union.


Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF's organiser in Scotland, who wrote to Mr Matheson on Thursday, highlighting out concerns, said: 'This decision is the right decision. Here in Scotland we have taken the decision to 'stay safe', not 'stay alert' – whatever that means – because we care about the health of our nation. Boris Johnson's mixed-up messages make no sense at all. And we know it makes no sense to increase services at this time.


'That's why ASLEF has worked really hard, behind the scenes, along with our sister trade unions, to press the Scottish government to make the right decision. And it’s a decision that we welcome. Because the safety of passengers and staff is paramount. I want to thank the Scottish government for listening to us.'






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