No cuts on Northern Rail

30 June 2005

Train drivers leader Keith Norman today called on the Department of Transport to assure rail passengers in the North that their services face no threat.

‘Railway workers and passengers alike are deeply concerned that media manipulation by the Strategic rail Authority is designed to soften up public opinion for cuts in services as Northern rail’s service review gets underway.

‘The North needs neither line closures, cuts in services nor fare rises. It needs an integrated railway service that links the cities and towns across the Pennines, provides decent services to rural areas and links to to main line services.’

The Northern Trains franchise, jointly owned by SERCO and Dutch Ned railways, succeeded First North Western and Arriva at the end of last year.

The franchise agreement between Northern Trains and the SRA specifies a review early in the life of the franchise.

The SRA is to be abolished and many of its functions taken over by the Department of Transport.

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