Special Conference approves steps to new openness in ASLEF

30 June 2005

This week’s Special Assembly of Delegates approved the vast majority of the efforts of the Executive Committee to modernise the union, making its activities more open, its finances more controlled and its future more secure.

The conference was convened to examine what steps the Executive Committee had taken to implement the recommendations of the Kelly Report, which is adopted at last year’s annual conference. 

The acting General Secretary Keith Norman and EC President Alan Donnelly were both confident that the problems of the last twelve months could result in a new sense of unity and purpose for ASLEF. Keith pledged that the union would “be stronger in the future for having emerged from the cloud that has restricted us over the last year. It is important we learn from these experiences.”

The Recall Conference

1 Approved the vast majority of the actions taken by the executive committee to implement the Kelly report. 

2 Called for a formula to be established to provide for officials who are deselected

3 Looked for more clarity in the published Executive Committee minutes

4 Sought clarification over the position of the Finance Committee

5 Looked to maintain subscription rates at current levels

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