Keep free TV licences for the over 75s

28 July 2020

Following an announcement from the government that it will stop funding free TV licences for over 75 year olds except those on pension credit, the BBC has confirmed that this will be implemented from 1st August 2020.


This change will affect 3.7 million pensioners, many of whom are just above the pension credit limit, who will now have to find the extra financial resources to buy a TV licence. For many this could mean making a choice to cut down on other essentials in order to still watch TV.


Over the last few months, during the Covid-19 shutdown, there have been particular challenges for those in the older generation having to stay at home to stay safe. Many will now face a difficult choice in order to retain their access to television for information, entertainment and company.


As this age group is most likely to rely on television for important information about the pandemic and other events, and least likely to have internet access, this could leave many in a very vulnerable position.


ASLEF is supporting the National Pensioners Convention in their campaign to restore the TV licence for over 75 year olds.


Please show your support on social media by sharing and retweeting posts from the National Pensioners Convention.


You can also sign the petition hosted by Age UK on their website here



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