Union Women lead the way in Leeds!

30 June 2005

Yesterday (8 March) ASLEF"s women"s committee organised an event in Leeds at the location of the first meeting of the executive of the union 125 years ago.

The women"s committee banner took pride of place at the head of a march through the city centre, along with banners from the union"s district and the north east TUC.

The purpose was to highlight both International Women"s Day and the anniversary of the union"s formation. Kali Mountford MP (Colne Valley) spoke at the Commercial Inn where the national union began its business and present day National Organiser Andy Reed paid tribute to the selflessness and vision of the union"s founding fathers. 

"It is a sign of the progress that women have made within the union and in society that today"s memorial event was organised by our women"s committee," Andy said. "I am sure the men who established ASLEF would rejoice if they knew what was happening today."

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