Contribute to the way rule changes are implemented

08 September 2020

The Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB), working with private services firm Arup, is running a research programme into rule change adoption in the rail industry and they are looking for input from drivers.


You can contribute by taking this survey.


The survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete, and asks about your experiences and perspectives on implementing rule changes.


For this project, the RSSB is focusing on three case studies: emergency special working (GERT8000-S5); high speed coasting (GERT8000-AC); and contingency arrangements for GSM-R failures (RIS-3780-TOM).


They are specifically interested in exploring train drivers’ knowledge of how their TOC/FOC responds to rule changes. What currently works well when adopting and implementing rule changes? What gets in the way of rule adoption and implementation? What could work better to help ease rule adoption and implementation? How could the industry help set the conditions for consistent rule adoption? And how can TOCs and FOCs understand whether the proposed operational performance benefits are being realised?


Responses are all anonymous, and will used by Arup and RSSB to shape future industry guidance on rule change adoption, to improve consistency and operational performance.


Click here to complete the survey now.

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