Freedom for Öcalan Campaign

17 September 2020

ASLEF was a founding affiliate of the Freedom for Öcalan campaign and as such branches are encouraged to affiliate using this form


Abdullah Öcalan is the imprisoned leader of the Kurdish liberation movement, and the campaign was launched in solidarity with both his and the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom from over a century of brutal repression and genocide.


Öcalan has now passed his 20th year in a Turkish prison as the regime of President Erdogan ramps up its repression. The work of the Freedom for Öcalan campaign is now more vital than ever, the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan is a crucial and primary step for securing peace, justice and a democratic resolution for all peoples in the region.


This link outlines essential information on Adbullah Öcalan and the politics of the region. The Freedom for Öcalan campaign have also offered to provide a speaker at ASLEF meetings to discuss its content and their vital work in the trade union movement.


Our EC member Marz Colombini is taking a leading role in pushing the campaign to the forefront of the trade union movement serving as the campaign's vice-chair and features in their latest video alongside the chair of our Women's representative committee Debbie Reay

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