Margaret Ferrier MP

01 October 2020

ASLEF, the train drivers' trade union, has called on Margaret Ferrier, the SNP MP for Rutherglen & Hamilton West, to apologise and reveal which services she took after she admitted travelling on a train while suffering from Covid-19.


Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF's organiser in Scotland, said: 'Margaret Ferrier travelled on a train to London after taking a test for the coronavirus, and then travelled back to Scotland when she knew she had tested positive. So she broke the rules twice, which is unforgiveable, and put passengers and staff at risk, which is outrageous.


'Rail staff have worked throughout this pandemic to make sure the network could serve the public. We’ve worked day in, and day out, to keep our railway as safe as possible for passengers and staff, and to keep Britain running. For an MP to get on a train knowing she has covid-19 is both dangerous and disgraceful. She should tell people which trains she travelled on, so those she put in danger can take appropriate measures – which is more than she did.'


Ian Blackford, the leader of the SNP at Westminster, called for Dominic Cummings' to resign when he broke the rules earlier this year.

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