Underground PPP

30 June 2005

MPs are right to lay the blame for the Tube"s failures on privatisation train drivers" leader Keith Norman said today.

"Like MPs, we are alarmed by the increase in safety incidents."

"Train drivers and all railway workers share with passengers the fear that privatised infrastructure renewal and maintenance is a recipe for accident and injury PPP is a dangerous failure.

"It is a scandal that these massive private infraco firms are guaranteed profits no matter how poor their performance.

Backing comments by Commons transport select committee chair Gwyneth Dunwoody he said:

"The tube has been starved of investment for years but the so-called public private partnership is not the way to modernise London¹s underground".

"We share the MPs concerns about the flawed management, cost overruns and missed infrastructure targets. These are the direct consequence of the fragmentation that privatisation brings".

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