ASLEF Slams Crash Lies

19 November 2020

ASLEF, the train drivers' union, has slammed 'lies and misreporting' after a report by the Rail Accident Investigation Branch into a collision between an LNER Azuma and an HST going on to Neville Hill depot near Leeds in Yorkshire.


Nick Whitehead, ASLEF's full-time area organiser, said: 'It has been widely reported, especially in local media, that the Azuma was travelling at three times the speed limit when the incident happened. This is simply not true. The Azuma was travelling at 15mph, which was the maximum permitted speed on the approach line to Neville Hill, where the accident happened, and this is made clear in the RAIB report.'


The report states: 'At 21:41 hrs on Wednesday 13 November 2019, an empty passenger train, approaching the maintenance depot at Neville Hill in Leeds, caught up and collided with the rear of another empty passenger train moving into the depot on the same track. The leading train was travelling at around 5 mph (8 kmh) and the colliding train at around 15 mph (24 kmh). No one was injured in the accident. The collision and derailment took place on the depot arrival line at the entrance to Neville Hill depot. The maximum permitted speed for trains travelling along this line is 15 mph (24 kmh).'


Mick Whelan, ASLEF's general secretary, said: 'When we make a mistake, or when one of our members makes a mistake, we always put our hands up. But when a driver is blamed for something that he or she did not do, we have to point that out. It's not just wrong, it's a complete fabrication to suggest the driver was speeding when the report clearly states this was not the case.'

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