Zero Covid Campaign

25 November 2020

ASLEF has recently affiliated to the Zero Covid Campaign.

This campaign, whose supporters also include Independent Sage and Greater Manchester Hazards Centre, is demanding that the UK government adopts a Zero Covid strategy to eliminate, prevent, and quickly staunch further cases. 


The Zero Covid Campaign says that we could be living without the virus, and that the government's sudden November lockdown U-turn is another sign of its incoherent pandemic policy.


Instead of living alongside this deadly virus with repeated on-off lockdowns, the Campaign is demanding an alternative which scientists call the Zero Covid Strategy. Many other countries have adopted this approach. Britain could too. If done this spring, by now we'd be living without the virus – visiting family and friends, travelling without fear, drinking and eating out, and going to live events, just like people in New Zealand, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and China.


The Independent SAGE committee of scientists has been arguing for a Zero Covid UK since the summer. This approach is also supported by the National Hazards Campaign for workplace safety.


The strategy means eliminating the spread of infection between people in the UK and putting in place measures to prevent or quickly staunch any further imported cases. Today that means four key steps:

  • A full UK-wide lockdown until new cases in the community have been reduced close to zero.
  • To quickly squash any further outbreaks; an effective find, test, trace, isolate and support (FTTIS) system, run locally by the public sector.
  • Covid screening, and where necessary quarantine, at all ports of entry to the UK.
  • Guaranteeing the livelihood of everyone who loses money because of the pandemic.


It can be done! Independent SAGE has written and spoken about how to achieve it.


That is why Zero Covid has been launched – the campaign to beat the pandemic and get our lives back. 

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