Nominate for Health and Safety Award

01 December 2020

The TUC union health and safety specialists group is urging one final push for Hilda Palmer's nomination as the SHP (Safety and Health Practitioners) journal's Most Influential Person Award. The award is for the individual who has had the biggest, positive impact on health and safety in the UK this year.


Hilda is the founder of and still works with the Greater Manchester Hazards Centre (GMHC), which is one of the most active hazards centres in the UK, advising and supporting workers and trade unionists in the Greater Manchester area.


Both Hilda and GMHC have played a huge and key role in the UK National Hazards Campaign challenging government and regulators on poor health and safety enforcement, the widespread UK marking of International Workers Memorial Day, and the annual National Hazards Conference – the UK’s largest and most successful health and safety representative conference.


Hilda is also responsible for setting up and supporting FACK. Families Against Corporate Killers is a campaign group of families bereaved by workplace deaths. It wants better funding and enforcement of health and safety law, including better law to hold to account, those responsible for workplace deaths, including changes to the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. Currently, this Act only imposes financial penalties, whereas FACK wants to see directors held individually and criminally responsible for health and safety offences and with the possibility of imprisonment. FACK also provides guidance for bereaved families to obtain legal help and emotional support at a time when they are most in need and vulnerable.


Not only is Hilda most deserving, she is also the only trade unionist on the list with lots of otherwise CEOs, MDs, and company health and safety people. However, as Hilda has modestly pointed out, a vote for her is also a vote for Families Against Corporate Killers, GMHC, the National Hazards Campaign, the supporters and affiliates of all three of these, and all they stand for.


Hilda Palmer is a good friend of ASLEF and I would encourage all reps and members to vote for her before this Friday 4th December deadline at 5pm. Nominate online here

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