Minimum Wage Campaign

10 December 2020

ASLEF is supporting Richard Burgon MP's campaign to ensure that nobody on furlough is paid less than the minimum wage.


New official figures show that the number of workers paid less than the National Minimum Wage is nearly five times higher this year than in 2019, with over 2 million workers getting paid less than the National Minimum Wage this year.


The vast majority of those are a result of the furlough scheme leaving millions of low-paid workers on less than this basic minimum pay.


The campaign is seeking for a wage floor to be introduced in the furlough scheme as one way of helping to prevent this crisis being paid for on the backs of low paid workers.


Richard has put down a motion in Parliament (EDM 1101: Potential merits of a minimum wage floor in the furlough scheme) as a way of making more MPs aware of this issue.


Please contact your MP to ask them to support the motion. You can find out who represents you on the Parliament website here.


You can also sign the petition to the government to demand that they ensure all workers are paid at least the minimum wage throughout the pandemic. Click here to sign.

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