Scotland's Railway Returning to Public Sector

17 March 2021

Today the Scottish Government has announced that it will bring Scotland's railway back into the public sector.



The government made the announcement in the Scottish Parliament, and said that when the Abellio ScotRail franchise ends on 31 March 2022, the running of ScotRail will be taken over by the Operator of Last Resort - a public body accountable to the government.


ASLEF has long been campaigning for Scotland's railway to be owned and operated in the public sector, keeping funding and investment in the hands of the people of Scotland, and we welcome this news.


Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF's organiser in Scotland, commented:


'We welcome the beginning of the end of the failed franchise system here in Scotland. However, never again should the people's railway ever be in the hands of the privateers.


'This move starts the end of franchising, and the end of a failed Tory experiment. It's now for all us in the railway to build a railway that's accessible, affordable, and safe for the people of Scotland.'


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