Shrewsbury 24 win at appeal court

23 March 2021

Mick Whelan, general secretary, has welcomed today's Appeal Court decision to squash the unjust verdicts on the Shrewsbury 24.


He said: 'It's only taken 49 years, but justice, finally, has been done. We always said that their convictions for unlawful assembly, conspiracy to intimidate, and affray, for picketing during the 1972 national builders' strike, were wrong. The only conspiracy was that of the Tory government, together with the companies, the police, and the legal system, to stop working men lawfully withdrawing their labour. We are delighted that they have cleared their names in the Court of Appeal.'


Today's court ruling is a result of the hard work over many years of the Shrewsbury 24 campaign to overturn the unjust prosecution of 24 building workers charged following the first national building workers' strike in 1972.


They picketed building sites in Shrewsbury during the dispute and were prosecuted at Shrewsbury crown court in 1973.


Two of the men – Ricky Tomlinson, who went on to star in The Royle Family, and Des Warren, who has since died – were jailed.


A campaign committee was set up in 2006 supported by national trade unions, local branches, and trades councils as well as by supporters and activists.

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