Railtrack profits 'show divide' says GS

26 November 2006

Keith Norman, general secretary of train drivers’ union ASLEF, says today’s announcement that RailTrack secured pre-tax profits of £747 million in the last six months ‘marked the clear divide between government, providers - and passengers’.


‘This announcement underlines two radically different ways of looking at our railways. This morning we hear back slapping and smug contentment coming from government and Railtrack because they’ve got money in the bank at last. That’s what they care about.


‘Ask any commuter waiting at a bleak station for an overcrowded train how pleased she is about the profit levels. She’ll tell you what the real priorities of rail should be: regular services from stations with decent conditions in modern air-conditioned trains.


‘The government and the industry need to learn a very basic lesson: you don’t judge the success of a public service in pound notes. You judge it in passenger and public satisfaction.’

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