One strike suspended

07 November 2006

Following lengthy discussions at ACAS - which concluded at 23.50 last night - the following no strings offer was negotiated and is to be placed before the Executive Committee with a recommendation from Andy Reed, National Organiser; Nigel Gibson, EC Member and the full Company Council that it be put out to referendum.


Details of the offer are as follows:-

A 1 year deal that will result in an increase of £1,255 in respect of an experienced mainline competent driver or a 4% increase in basic salaries and dynamic allowances for other driving grades effective from the existing anniversary dates.

A further extension of rest day working until 31st December 2007

The Company has agreed to commence 2007 pay talks by no later than 31st January 2007 with the aim that these can be concluded by the due anniversary date(s).


The strike action and action short of a strike (ban on non-contractual overtime) is suspended pending the offer being placed before the Executive Committee, week commencing 13th November.


We will keep you informed of further developments.

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