ASLEF wins £1.4 million for members in six months

12 October 2006

The train drivers' union ASLEF announced today that it has, in association with Thompsons Solicitors, secured a record £1,442,360 in compensation for its members in the first six months of this year.


The union's solicitors handled a total of 283 cases and were successful in over 60% of those concluded by the end of June.


'These figures show the effectiveness of our legal representation,' says general secretary Keith Norman. 'We can be proud that we have achieved just settlement for so many individual ASLEF members - and their families, as family members are also covered by the union's Personal Injury scheme.


'The main business of trade unions is, and always will be, collective representation - but our record on individual cases shows another benefit of belonging to a forward-looking and professional union like our own.'

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