Planes CO2 emissions are ten times that of rai

09 October 2006

Independent research carried out for Eurostar shows that passengers who fly between London, Paris and Brussels generate ten times more emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2. A Eurostar passenger generates enough CO2 to fill a Mini - while an airline passenger generates enough to fill a double-decker bus. The research shows that each passenger on a return flight between London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle generates 122 kilograms of CO2, compared with just 11 kilograms for a traveller on a London-Paris return journey by train.


Asked for their reaction to the difference in CO2 emissions between flying and going by rail, a separate YouGov poll of 1,019 people across Britain revealed that 41% of travellers say they are 'much more likely to take the train'. 3% of those polled said that because of worries about climate change they have given up flying altogether and 6% said they had reduced their air travel. 54%  said they were more concerned about the environmental impact of flying than they were five years ago.


In autumn 2007, when the UK high-speed line between London St Pancras and the Channel Tunnel opens, journey times from London to Paris will reduce to 2hrs 15mins and London to Brussels will fall to 1hr 51mins.

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