‘Squash in my cab!’ : union launches cab conditions campaign

29 September 2006

The union has given the slogan ‘Squash In My Cab’ to a new campaign to improve our members’ working conditions within driving cabs.


ASLEF wants its members to work in cabs that are:

  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • User-friendly
  • Air-conditioned
  • Specially seated
  • Healthy  


The idea of 'Squash' has two functions - to reflect what many cabs are like today - and to outline our objectives.


The campaign will continue and develop over the coming months, but the union is already engaged in a number of initiatives at national level to improve cab conditions.

  • the union has agreed that cab conditions are included in every pay claim that will be submitted this coming year - the object being to ensure that it is raised in a formal and regular way with every rail company.
  • the General Secretary has asked all officers to list the question of cab conditions as a matter of urgency at joint safety group level with every companies


We have raised the issue with HM Railway Inspectorate (HMRI), an independent economic and safety regulator that has authority to take enforcement action to ensure rail safety. When we met representatives of the HMRI at the end of August they asked us for advice on which specific companies, and what particular rolling stock, were a cause of concern during the recent hot weather. Safety advisor Dave Bennett has asked union reps to ensure we have full up-to-date information which, he says, will be sent to the HMRI who will use it to target problem companies and rolling stock.


The union has also convinced the RSSB's SPAD Focus Group to investigate what information needs to be collected from drivers about this issue - and to evaluate cost-effective ways of cooling cabs.

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