GS meets Rail Regulator on level crossing policy

03 August 2006

On 28 July Keith Norman met representatives of the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) to discuss ASLEF’s views on level crossings. The union understands that the cost of removing all crossing may be prohibitively expensive and may not be technically possible – but it is convinced that new technology, such as obstacle detectors, is both desirable and feasible. The union argued for the provision of track-to-train surveillance involving cameras being fitted in driver’s cabs.


The GS insisted that contemporary cabs are ‘technological deserts’ and pointed to the lack of air conditioning, ERTMS or GSM-R. He said the technology is available and the UK is years behind other European and other countries, where such facilities are standard.


The ORR said it is consulting on changes to the principles and guidance on level crossings, and guaranteed that ASLEF would be included in this process. It intends to review the principles, reach conclusions on issues such as new technology, and explain how they will try to influence decision makers including the Department for Transport.



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