SWT dispute– strike days set

18 July 2006

ASLEF’s dispute over managers driving trains is to escalate – with the union calling for 24 hour strikes throughout the days of 28 and 31 July, and 11 and 14 August by all its 900 members working for South West Trains.


A local difficulty in Waterloo has become to a company-wide dispute because last month SWT used trainers and managers during industrial action. The union argues that this breaks an agreement that such staff would only be employed for reasons of health, safety or the threat of civil unrest.


Union members are concerned about the safety of passengers if staff who are not designated drivers perform their duties. During the Waterloo difficulties certain managers were seen to drive excessively long shifts without proper breaks - and one manager who had not driven alone for over a decade was identified as strike breaking.


‘The company has no one but itself to blame,’ said general secretary Keith Norman. ‘Of course ASLEF will react if a company breaks agreements and causes concerns about safety.’

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