Remember the bombing – and work for peace, says GS

06 July 2006

ASLEF General Secretary Keith Norman today called on union members to take part in the two minutes silence at noon tomorrow (7 July) to remember the people who were killed, injured and bereaved in the terrorist attacks in London exactly a year ago.


‘We must never forget the terrible experience of that day,’ Keith said. ‘I am sure I speak for all ASLEF members when I offer my heart-felt sympathy to all those involved in the bombings – and express my hope that the carnage of twelve months ago will encourage us all to work for the understanding, tolerance and fortitude that will build a world of peace.


‘Part of that process is for us all to recognise that the evil perpetrators of the attack were not acting like Moslems: they were acting like terrorists. Our battle is not against Islam, but against ignorance and evil.’

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