Review union HQ, conference says

09 June 2006

The final day of the ASLEF conference in Scarborough called on the executive committee to review whether the union’s headquarters building continues to be suitable for its needs, especially in light of the provisions of the Disabilities Discrimination Act 1995 - and to bring a report back to the 2007 conference.


It insisted, however, that any funds raised should not be used to off-set any short-term financial difficulties. The General Secretary assured delegates that the building would not be sold until he was confident that union finances were in a sound and stable condition.


In its deliberations on equality the conference agreed to call on all railway and tram operating companies to ensure that employees entering a Civil Partnership are given the same employment and pension benefits as married couples.


It also congratulated the Retired Members Section for its work and asked the executive to consider making the first year of membership of the section free of charge, before moving on to debate changes in the ASLEF rule book.

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