The Brady era is over

05 June 2006

ASLEF conference delegates meeting in Scarborough voted today to bring to a final close Shaun Brady’s tenure of the position of General Secretary. A proposition had been put before the conference calling for Mr Brady to address conference and to consider his reinstatement as GS. In the event the delegates decided that it was pointless to discuss a passed era and declined to debate the issue.


One compelling reason put forward was that the Certification Officer had ruled the previous week that Mr Brady had legitimately been excluded from ASLEF membership for bringing the union into disrepute. Therefore, as he is not an ASLEF member, he is not eligible within the union’s rules to be general secretary.


It was also pointed out that Mr Brady could not be reinstated because the union already has a properly elected general secretary – who would presumably have to be dismissed to bring Mr Brady back. ‘To dismiss two general secretaries would, with apologies to Oscar Wilde, be downright careless!’ pointed out one London delegate.


‘No union wants to employ a general secretary who threatened the union’s staff with dismissal for taking industrial action, and no conference wishes to hear speeches read out by a general secretary but written for him by a senior manager in a firm which employs our members.’



CORRECTION (added 22 June 2007)


It was incorrectly reported that the Certification Officer had ruled that Mr Brady had been excluded from ASLEF membership for bringing the union into disrepute.


In fact, the reason given by the Certification Officer was that Mr Brady’s complaint was out of time.


We apologise for the reporting error and regret any distress this may have caused, and thank Mr Brady’s solicitors for bringing this matter to our attention in a letter of 18 June 2007.

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