ASLEF Journal makes the nationals!

24 April 2006

Our series of features on ‘Key Workers’ hit the national papers over the Easter period. The Times, Mail and Guardian all carried articles based on the articles in the Journal since the start of the year.


The story was based on the fact that the job of train driver is attracting an increasing number of applicants from professions including teaching, banking, journalism and even football.


General secretary Keith Norman was quoted as saying, ‘Train drivers used to emerge from a set pattern - they were technically rather than academically gifted


men, often from "railway families", who came to the job after working in other capacities in the industry. Training was more an on-the-job apprenticeship than formal training.


‘In recent years we have seen drivers come from a variety of backgrounds, both men and women, often from professions like teaching, banking or journalism - all with a suitcase full of qualifications.


‘It is an interesting new development and we began the series in the Journal because we wanted to find what attracted them to train driving.


‘I find it fascinating that people who 10 years ago wouldn"t have considered train driving are drawn to our profession."


The national newspapers quoted the examples of former professional footballer Tony Hadley; Maddy Corper who worked as a research chemist for ICI and ex-journalist Patrick McGowan.

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