ASLEF targets Paddington in corporate manslaughter protests

28 March 2006

Fifty members of the train drivers ASLEF leafleted Paddington Station this morning to protest at the government’s failure to introduce meaningful corporate manslaughter laws - despite promising they would be introduced before the election of 1997.


The event highlighted the fact that when decisions by senior managers lead to rail accidents, they must be held responsible. ‘Just because they commit their crime in a suit doesn’t make them innocent,’ says union general secretary Keith Norman.


‘Since rail was privatised, senior managers have other priorities besides safety – profits, returns margins – their bonuses. Corporate manslaughter laws will ensure that safety really is the number one issue.’


The leaflets handed out asked rail travellers to write or email the Home Secretary ( saying, ‘Eight years ago, you said you were going to introduce a Corporate Manslaughter law. As a rail traveller, I’d like to know when you will do it. I don’t want an excuse. I want a date, please.’


Keith Norman said, ‘This issue will not go away, because ASLEF will make sure it doesn’t. Eight years after promises were made we have had commission and enquiries and committees and statements – but no action.


‘It will be a major step towards rail safety when these laws are enacted. The time for vague promises and statements of intent is over.’


Following the Paddington demonstration, the protestors moved on the leaflet at Marylebone.

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