ASLEF Makes Progress on Underground Dispute

17 February 2006

ASLEF’S Executive Committee has suspended the planned strike for 21 February. No decision has been made on the action planned for 2 March.


Progress in talks

On 14 February an ASLEF negotiating team met management to seek to resolve the dispute about discipline, broken agreements and anarchic industrial relations.


Considerable progress was made on seven of the ten issues we identified. Importantly we made inroads into agreements on:

  • Harassment policy
  • Disciplinary and Attendance at Work procedure
  • Machinery of Negotiation.


However before the dispute can be resolved, we need to sort out three other issues: SPAD policy, disciplinary issues and the Train Radio System.


SPAD policy

We have identified a mechanism for dealing with this, but recognise that further discussions are needed to resolve the matter to our satisfaction.


Disciplinary issues

This is currently unresolved as our representative requires the opportunity to respond to management’s latest comments.


Train Radio System

ASLEF will not accept that normal line-speed running is maintained when there is a radio system failure. Management is prepared to talk in more detail about this, and gave every indication that an agreement is possible.



The 14 February meeting ended with LUL management indicating their willingness to discuss these issues in more detail and in good faith. In view of this the executive committee decided to suspend the strike set for 21 February.


A decision about the action we propose for 2 March will be made in the light on the continuing talks.


ASLEF is not a union that postures or pretends. We are not in the business of strikes for their own sake. We don’t like our members losing wages.


Our aim is always to secure the best possible deal for members without calling for action. We know you want a resolution, not a strike.


In this dispute, we feel we have the possibility of achieving this.


However, if management now attempts to back-pedal, stall or mislead us we will not hesitate to call for action on 2 March.


We are confident that if we do so, you will respond with determination and unity. Management knows this, too. That is why we are making progress in the discussions.


Your determination brought management to the negotiating table with a changed attitude. With your continued support we will secure a new era of industrial relations in London’s underground system.

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