Standards fall again

14 February 2006

A report in the London Evening Standard today ‘reveals’ that the union has ‘suspended’ Bro Steve Grant, ASLEF’s district organiser in London. In fact Steve requested a period of extended leave for personal reasons and this was agreed. ‘The story is simply not true,’ says General Secretary Keith Norman. ‘But this will come as no surprise to readers of the Evening Standard.’


Keith says this the sort of ‘newspaper’ reporting we do not deserve in a civilised society. ‘Dick Murray - who wrote the article – is more akin to J.M Barrie or Lewis Carroll than a journalist.’


Keith assured ASLEF members and the public that discussions would continue in an attempt to end the dispute in London Underground. ‘We are working for a solution. That is a fact – not something you should expect to see in London’s Evening Standard.’

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