ASLEF: ‘Two weeks to sort out Underground dispute’

09 February 2006

ASLEF has given London Underground two weeks to sort out a "serious breakdown in industrial relations and trust" – or its members will begin a series of 24-hour non-continuous strikes. A membership ballot announced today revealed that 81.3% of members in LUL voted to back an EC recommendation to vote ‘yes’ for action.


At a press conference in the union headquarters on 9 February Keith said, ‘Management now have a two-week window in which to review their attitude towards industrial relations and particularly disciplinary matters.


‘Despite the overwhelming vote, we have given them this opportunity to resolve the dispute. It would be in all our interests –union, public and the company - for them to negotiate a settlement.


‘If they do not, we will be taking action on 21 February and 2 March.’


ASLEF represents about 70% of London Underground Limited (LUL) drivers. The RMT balloted its members at the same time, and delivered a similar result.


The union accuses the company of ignoring agreements, imposing change without negotiation and inflicting excessive and draconian punishments. Keith Norman says, ‘If we are to operate in a civilized industrial climate we need to respect agreements in place and, where appropriate, discuss and agree change. We have two weeks to secure guarantees that this will happen.’

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