Silverlink: strikes end as new talks begin

13 November 2007

ASLEF’s executive committee has called off strikes due to take place on Fridays until the end of the month after the new rail franchise companies that are replacing Silverlink agreed to talks about the pension problems that caused the dispute. The Silverlink franchise has been taken over by London Overground (Lorol) and London Midland.


‘The new companies proposed that ASLEF ends its industrial action to create a climate for positive discussions,’ general secretary Keith Norman said. ‘This is exactly what Silverlink refused to do. The union is happy to take up the offer and discussions will begin as soon as possible.’


Keith added, ‘I would also like to congratulate every member of our union in the old Silverlink company for the 100% support they gave over the period. Without their solidarity and determination, we would never have reached the point where serious discussions were back on the agenda.’

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